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Supervised Visitation: Domestic Violence Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Pre-pandemic, the rate of domestic violence in the US alone has already been alarming. When COVID-19 forced people to stay at home, the amount of reports on domestic violence has surprisingly and significantly dropped.

This pandemic closed out companies and businesses leaving a lot of the population unemployed. This shrank the chance for these victims, young and old, to be economically independent. It blurred their hopes of being free from their abusers. With financial challenges hitting families harder, this made the abusers more unstable than ever. Because victims are locked up with their abusers, it made it harder to get connected with the authorities. Therefore, resulted in a lower amount of domestic violence cases reported.

Supervised Visitation is provided to families referred to by the court system to help maintain and improve the relationship between the parent/foster/non-custodial parent and child/children. A case aide will be present to monitor the safety of the child/children and to help create a safe and educational learning experience for both parties.

Dynamic Children and Family Services is an Alabama-based social services company that offers such service in cooperation with the Department of Human Resources of Alabama. To know more about Supervised Visitation and/or how to book the service, click here.

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