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Dynamic Children and Family Services, LLC (DCFS) goal service is to provide the supervision of court ordered parent & child visitation, as well as assisting in the reintroduction of a parent into a child's life. There are many situations in family law cases, or other cases affecting the parent & child relationship, when the need arises for a neutral third party to supervise visitation between a parent, or another party, and a child or children.

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Reasons for referral include sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of a child, parent alienation syndrome, domestic violence, kidnapping, drugs and alcohol abuse by a parent and mental illness of a parent.  We have a great deal of experience in dealing with family conflict as an organization we have over 15 years of experience. All supervisors with our company are social service caseworker and/or mental health professionals. We also have certified counselors.  Services are established by mutual consent of all parties involved and can only continue as a result of cooperation by all parties. 


All additional persons to be present at visitation periods shall be pre-approved or the visitation will be denied.  Visitation will take place at a predetermined location agreed upon by all parties. If supervised visitation periods are uneventful, then field trips away from the predetermined location will be allowed, subject to discretion.

If you are interested in obtaining services, give us a call: 205-704-1145 or email:

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